Data analysis and statistical consultancy

I can help both academics and companies to define their research questions, analyse their data, and turn numbers into understandable, communicable results.

Introductory and advanced courses in applied statistics with R

Suggested course modules:

  • From zero to hero (five days): learn to read data in R, extract summary statistics, visualise data, and analyse normally-distributed data with t-tests, ANOVA, linear regression, ANCOVA.
  • Introduction to generalised linear models (two/three days): learn to analyse non-normally distributed data such as count data and success ratios.
  • Introduction to mixed-effect models (two days): mixed-effect models (MEM) are powerful tools to discern signal from noise in “dirty” study designs – namely, most real-life scenarios. You will learn to estimate the effect of your predictors of interest (“fixed” effects) while accounting for other variables that explain some of the background variability (“random” effects).

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